Design Build

Simple Process with Dramatic Results

J&F Construction believes that quality, completion dates, and costs can be determined and assured by assigning total responsibility for all these factors to one single entity: the Design-Builder. As your Design-Builder, J&F Construction combines strong construction management ability and experience in balancing good design with construction value.

Design-Build is a one-stop shopping alternative that is ideal from your standpoint. You interact exclusively with a single, responsible entity, have maximum freedom in selecting an architectural concept, are assured of quality commensurate with your intentions, and proceed with the comfort of cost and schedule guarantees.

Design-Build Method
Traditional Method

Preliminary Drawings

Cost Established

Detailed Drawings

Project cost established sooner

Cost Established


While final drawings and plans are being completed and permits are being obtained, mobilization, excavation, and site work can be underway.

The benefits to be gained in utilizing the Design-Build process with your Butler builder include the following: